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Hope your search on finding out the best SEO company/Agency in bangalore or best SEO services in Bangalore ends here. There are plenty of SEO companies in bangalore, but Ralecon always stand out of the crowd with our unique strategies.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find a right seo company/agency in bangalore. This is due to, Companies who don't have any expertise started offering seo services in bangalore as there is high demand. Then, Consultants, Individuals and Freelancers do an online course in SEO and call themself as experts. SEO is not a rocket science but SEO algorithm is changing very often. A website can not be ranked in 1st page of Google with traditional SEO techniques. SEO algorithm is completely changed from how it was earlier. Today, SEO is all about user experience. When a user is trying to reach your website, there are certain metrics tell you whether your website is user friendly or not. Some of them are howlong time your website takes to load the content? whether your website is compatible for different devices like laptop, mobile, tablet etc? does your website has easy navigation? howmuch time users stay on your website? do they navigate to inner pages or drop off from your website in the first page itself? is your content relevant to users on what context they search? and more. First page ranking in Google is definitely possible if your website has good user experience.

An SEO company in bangalore should be capable of bringing better user experience to your website when you hire them for your SEO. The right SEO company will create trust among your users when they provide better user experience, which will lead to generate more leads/conversions for your business. Ralecon is such a company do all these and help our clinets to rank them in first page of Google when users search for business related keywords.

Why Ralecon for your SEO?

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Hence, we are capable of optimizing your website too and get you the top results in Google.


7+ Years of Expertise. We are into this industry for the last 7 years and optimized more than 500 websites. Hence, we are well aware of the best SEO practices to be applied to your website and get you the 1st page results in Google as early as possible.

Being a Google Certified Partner Company, we know the in and out of search engine algorithms and we have ranked more than 10,000 keywords in 1st page of Google so far.

We have high degree of expertise in latest trends especially Google's algorithm updates with high adaptability.

Our SEO process/solutions are not only to rank your website in 1st page of Google but also to generate leads and conversions. Beyond SEO, we help you with suggestions to improve the user experience of your website and increase leads/conversions with analytics and data intelligence.

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COO, Okapia Mobiles

“We are extremely happy with how Ralecon helped us in increasing our digital presence. Their team is dedicated and worked in tandem with ours to understand our requirements and our target audience. Great job all together!"

Anton Sharwanand

Marketing Director, UK B-School

"If I have to say about Ralecon’s services in just three words "Worth Every Penny". What makes Ralecon so special is the way they understand your business and requirements. Ralecon delivered what they promised which significantly improved our business."

Senthil Kumaran

CEO, an EdTech company

“Ralecon helped us with lead generation and branding online. We had an increase of about 50% in the conversion rates from potential leads to customers within just 3 months. The company’s innovative ideas and quality work has helped us improve our customer base and reach out to our target audience effectively. Quality work @ Competitive rates!"

Internet Users In India & SEO:

Did you know that more than 450 million (Mn) people use the internet in India as of June, 2017?Such is the penetration of internet these days; every nook and corner of the world is connected. Even if you don’t operate 24*7, your website stays open round the clock to serve your customers! Are you ranking into the top of Google search results when a potential customer searches for your product/service? If not, you are missing out your target audience and they go to your competitors.

Take a look at the below mentioned scenarios.

Most businesses fall into either one of the categories. How about your business?

Scenario 1:

Best SEO Company/Agency in Bangalore, India

Finding it difficult to generate business? Have the traditional marketing tools failed to achieve the results you dreamed of? Why use the conventional channels to target your customers when they are no longer using those media? Almost all of your target audience irrespective of their age groups are on the internet today! They use the internet as a channel to buy a product or service in which they are interested. When they search with key terms in Google about your offerings, do you have a website to showcase your business or service to them? Is your web site on top in the Google search results?

Click here to gain the top position for your business related searches in Google with Ralecon, the best SEO Company/Agency in Bangalore, India!

Scenario 2:

Best SEO Company/Agency in Bangalore, India

Staying afloat in a business is no mean task these days, after all the competition is fierce in every industry with new entrants increasing by the day and old titans revising their strategies on the go. How then do you take your business to the next level? Do you diversify or attract new customers or ensure repeat business? A strong online presence and the latest branding strategies are the key to take the next big step in your business.

Reach out to Ralecon the best SEO Firm/Agency in Bangalore to gain the top position for your business related searches in Google.

Are you wondering how your competitors are getting more sales and achieving financial success? Curious to know how to take your business to the next level? Team up with Ralecon, the best amongst SEO Companies in Bangalore, India to explore avenues in digital marketing that you didn’t know existed! Reach Us Today.

Digital Marketing, particularly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ideal solution for advertising your product in the internet. Without having to spend as much money as compared to traditional channels, this medium ensures that you get a good ROI and has the best lead generation rates in the industry. As the top SEO Company/Agency in Bangalore,India. Ralecon has assisted lots of SMEs to achieve top presence for their business related searches in Google and has thereby increased their online sales significantly. Why wait anymore? Contact Ralecon today to get the desired results online and improve your sales by leaps and bounds.

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