A blog is an informal channel of communication. Blog is a big playground for the creativity of blog creators. For a business, a blog can function as an important tool for passive marketing. In fact a blog is amongst the best tools for attracting your customers. A blog that is rich in content, which is useful and relevant, increases the trust of readers in the blog and inadvertently in the company that maintains the blog.

Active blogging is search engine friendly

Google search engine bots index blogs too. If you have setup good SEO on your blog posts, then Google will use your blog posts as content for keyword searches. But there is a mistake that businesses make. They make their blogs stagnant after a point of time. Posts stop to appear and the blog posts become dated. Always have activity on your blog by way of new content creation.

More the blog posts, better the SEO ranking

There are no limits to how much blog content you can add. The more content you add, the better it is for your business. More blog content is one way for raising the number of clicks on your website. Along with good content, playing with keywords is a must for SEO. Optimizing all blogs with relevant keywords will create a huge SEO boost for your website.

Blog content must be potential enough to let visitors to your blog stay on your website longer. They will keep your blogs open in their browser tabs, and keep coming back to your blog whenever time permits. They will bookmark your blog posts so that they can access it later. They will share your blog posts to their social network if they find it was really useful for them. Note that content on blogs must have a link to the reference sources.

Inbound Links or backlinks increase your website’s credibility

Feel free to let legitimate and verified websites use backlinks to your blog site. Another web resource will be compelled to backlink to your blog site if they feel your blog is of high quality and will engage their visitors. The greater number of backlinks or inbound links there is to your blogs, the more is the trust and confidence that search engines have on your blog site.

Your business will gain visibility with a diverse audience, which results in an increased interest in your company’s products and services. Your blog will become a platform to share information.

Keywords in blogs are good for SEO

You can use keywords in your blog. In your blog titles, headings, and sub-headings use long-tail keywords. In your title tag use the appropriate keyword, and do the same in the meta description. A blog that contains keywords will constantly appear in search results and increases blog visibility.

Optimize your blog post images for SEO by renaming the images with keywords in them. Add alternative text to all images, which is considered a good practice, and also scores high with search engines. Avoid keyword stuffing and ensure to have the right keyword density, not more, not less.

Share your blog to social sites

Blog posts can also be socialized by posting them on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You could choose to share blogs on social media sites. For example, you can open a Facebook account for your business and regularly post interesting blog posts. You can do the same on other social media sites too. This is a powerful way to get your brand visibility to increase in an inexpensive way.


Blog content research and design is a powerful process to increase the chances of customer success. A company can use the services of an expert SEO digital marketing agency to create a blog content roadmap, strategy, and execution pipeline.