E-Commerce retailers fail due to reasons like poor sales, low quality product photography, lack of traffic and many such reasons. E-Commerce SEO needs many skills like copywritng, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and link building to make their campaign successful.

Following are the reasons why E-Commerce SEO campaigns struggle and fail

1. Poorly organized pages

Poor site architecture makes it difficult for the user to browse and find the products they want to purchase. As a general rule, every page should be three clicks away from the homepage and no more than it.

2. Improper URL structure

Long URLs are of no use. Similarly nondescript and query string URLs are not good .Best E-Commerce SEO strategy is to use search engine friendly URLs in a simple and clear format .The URLs   should be precise and descriptive with the inclusion of the main keyword.

3. Pages with duplicate content

Stock manufacturer   product descriptions, printer friendly versions of pages, session IDS, duplicate pages caused by URL parameters are the reasons for duplicate content. Avoid all these things and be unique in selling your product.

Pages with duplicate content

4. Having thin content

Thin content is as bad as duplicate content. If your site has rich information with relevant keywords, you rank high on Google search pages. So, your product listings, core pages and categories should offer relevant and informative content.

5. Site speed-slow

Slow site speed offers poor user experience and your site does not come in top Google ranks that way. Try the Page Speed insights tool and run a test. Investing in better hosting and optimizing image file sizes could land you in better rank positions.

Site speed-slow

6. Poor CTR

Low CTR is a signal that users are not attracted by the site and those who have a higher CTR have better ranking results. Use click magnet words to make your title tags unique and special. Take care of your Meta descriptions also.

7. Title tags – duplicate

Duplicate title tags are found more in common due to the time and work taken for finding unique title tags for each category and product variant. Google Search Console helps you identify duplicate title tags.

8. Ineffective keyword strategy

Generic keywords are not the attraction of the customers. Long tail ones work well in this context. Use keywords relevant tot the products and ranges.

9. Penalty by Google

Despite all good SEO , if a site struggles, it means it has to recover from a Google penalty. You need to decide the type of penalty.

10. Earning links-a struggle

Links and content are two major ranking factors in the eyes of Google. Getting links for commercial pages is not easy. You need a creative link builder to do this job for you.

Earning links-a struggle

So, E-Commerce SEO Skills are to be used productively to gain positive results in SEO campaigns.