Whenever any local business wants to grow online, they must look for local SEO services. Like any regular SEO, local SEO involves the practice of optimizing any website to enhance its search visibility. The only difference between regular and local SEO involves the latter working with local customers and local search.

Besides, SEO happens to be an integral part of any marketing strategy. If one can do it in the right way, it can generate local organic traffic and high converting leads. However some of the impressive local SEO statistics of the Year 2022 that can help you understand the importance of any comprehensive local campaign.

46% Of Google Searches Include The Local Intent

46% of the Google searches involve location as per the SEO statistics. If any medium and small business does not implement the basic local SEO strategies, they will miss out on the ranking. Out of 3.5 billion searches every day, it is a whopping 1.6 billion intended to do local searches.

97% Of Users Use The Search Engine To Find Local Business

Consumers are more reliant on the internet to find out about various services, products, and businesses. Most consumers tend to use the search engine to find nearby businesses.

Searches Visit 1.5 Billion Locations Every Month

Not only do consumers search local businesses but also they tend to use the local search for comparing various services and products. Based on Google searches and reviews, consumers tend to visit 1.5 billion physical locations per month. It proves how a local SEO campaign is important for any local business

78% Of Local Searches Result In An Offline Purchase

As per the local SEO facts, the users who make local mobile searches get converted to paying customers. Hence having a local SEO strategy by taking the help of the best SEO Services Bangalore can expose your business to a variety of potential customers.

70% Of Consumers Look For Online Information Before Visiting The Store

Whether it is a review, ad, or any marketing campaign, consumers learn about local businesses online every day. Once you fail to recognize the importance of online visibility as a service or goods provider, you are missing out on huge customer opportunities. A local SEO campaign can help you tremendously capitalize on your potential customers.

Near Me, Searches Have Increased By 136 Percent Since Last Year

It has become quite popular among the local searches in recent times. Quite a number of people in the recent past using the phrase near me to find any local business or products increased insanely by 500%. However, the small business organization needs to adapt the local SEO strategies with the help of the SEO firms to allow the customers to find their business with the help of nearby searches.

However, people searching near me for any services or products finally visit an actual Store.

Apart from that, the statistics for 2022 highlights how local SEO is important for any small business. Companies tend to outrank the local competition while attracting customers with local SEO. But for that, you require a good SEO agency.

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