We have become highly digitized world in 2017, and we are assured of going to be more digitized in coming years with the help of virtual reality experiments. Moreover, mobile Internet has made it possible for each one of us to connect with everyone on this planet. That means each one of us enjoys the benefits of Internet of the things.

We all have a privilege to use and share the same amount of information that Internet generates and transmits every second. Each one of have access to information available on the web, be it websites, entertainment, social media platforms and government websites and services.

However, in a real world, it is not that simple. Although, Internet is a new thing to many of us, flaws have been developed as it is getting more organized. These flaws have given the birth to the most talked-about subject pertaining to internet access – The Net Neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality means Internet Service Providers will not favor or disregard any information and will make all the information available to all the users without any discrimination. That means everyone has equal right over the information shared by any source.

Even if a specific website is owned by the ISP himself, the IPS will not provide greater bandwidth to access that site. Or if a specific website owner pays more to ISPs, service providers shouldn’t favor the site.

Net Neutrality importance for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is mostly based on organic traffic and SEO companies in Bangalore are striving to generate organic and relevant traffic for their client websites. The new Google search algorithm also favors the organic search terms instead of paid keywords and keyword stuffing and any good digital marketing company in Bangalore worth its salt will base its traffic generation on organic means to help boost page ranking and provide a good customer experience.

Therefore, for SEO Companies in Bangalore, it is essential that everyone have the complete access of all the web information that one wish to access and it can’t be decided by the service providers.

  • Net neutrality promotes greater competition, which at the end helps consumers
  • Net neutrality offers greater level playing field to all the players in the industry
  • Net neutrality does now allow discrimination between established businesses and newbies
  • Net neutrality ensure the cost of entering business remain low
  • Net neutrality makes sure the system remains flawless and money do not influence the access of information.