Lockdowns and quarantine have become the buzzwords in our lives. Amid the uncertainty, we look forward to going back to those carefree days. However, work from home option, contactless shopping and communication online have transformed the way we live these days. These abnormalities have created alertness as we tend to adjust to the quarantine economy.

In India, the lockdown has been eased in many states where people can reopen their stores and start their business activities. However, it is interesting to know the digital has stood up well, helping people buy their essentials online without any hassle. While many small businesses and brands have started to reopen their stores, the need for adopting wise marketing techniques is on the rise, both online and offline.

It is critical for businesses to know how digital marketing techniques can bring in more consumers to their physical stores as well as online stores. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a digital marketing technique that continues to change alongside correlating consumer habits. In this blog, let’s see how we can use online channels to reach your markets.

Maximize your foot traffic with Geo-specific campaigns

Want to know how to increase the foot traffic to your physical store? Your advertisers can choose the ads based on geographic locations. You can make use of this type of advertising to local prospects. Radius targeting is more specific, targeting your consumers in a precise location. In order to be successful in geotargeting ads, you need to target the right area with the right content at the right time. Small businesses with few locations can easily benefit from localized advertising. An optimized paid search campaign works best to increase ROI. You can use advertising channels like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to get the most of your next ad campaign.

If you are not there yet, build a strong online presence for your business.

Consider running personalized campaigns

It is important to understand that location and language are the key determining factors as to why search results differ. They both are far more influential. It would be better to run ads that can appear when people search for “near me” followed a type of business. It is critical that you fill out your business name and address for Google to determine where your business is located. You can even make your customers “Write a Review” and ask them to leave star ratings about the quality of your business. Optimizing keywords for organic ranking will fetch you regular foot traffic to your business so that you will reap long-term benefits.

It is time for you to re-evaluate your ways of doing business where online activity complements offline strategy.

How to make use of Google My Business (GMB)?

Though you run your physical store, your customers and prospects are online. They tend to search for your company, product or services online. Be discoverable. Google is the place that customer go to if you are looking for foot traffic or web traffic. What does GMB do?

If your business is listed in the Google My Business Account, it becomes easy for someone to look on Google Search and Google Maps. It gives complete information about your business, like where and how to visit your shop, whether you have a website or physical address, all at no cost to you. It also enhances your local SEO, ensuring you get top results. In addition, you can post updates to share that you have re-opened your store, which serves as an essential feature during emergency situations like COVID-19.

Fill in all your business details – upload your store images, payment methods, opening/closing hours, add a map for directions, and you are all set.

Build your Google My Business Listing and earn trust from your customers.

Online advertising with Google Adwords Express to get more exposure

With Google AdWords Express, your customers can find your business through ads on Google search and Google Maps. Your advertisers can a create simple ad campaign with smaller budgets. You need Google My Business Page to use Google Ads Express. Your ads can appear next to the search results along with your business address, phone number and an ad icon to display your message when people in your neighbourhood search for products or services.

Get more customers to your store by creating smart campaigns.

Build your in-store inventory with Google Merchant Centre

While Google provides geographical information about store locations, you can use Local Inventory Ads to showcase your products and store information to nearby shopping, when shoppers search Google. Google Merchant Center helps you get your shop and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google. When shoppers click your ad that shows your local product, they are taken to the Google-hosted page for your store. It is called the local storefront. Shoppers can shop using the local storefront to view in-store inventory, get directions, find store hours and a lot more. Do you know that 50% of shoppers globally check online before considering an in-store purchase?

Create a seamless online to offline shopping experience for your customers.

Safe Click and collect Services

Many shoppers are finding it convenient to click and collect as there is no risk of missed deliveries. The consumers don’t have to wait at home for a delivery. And they can pick up their order at their convenient time. As this click and collect model has gained popularity in India, consumers can buy it online and pick it up in-store. They can pay securely with a preferred mode of payment. You have a great opportunity to build a click and collect model to engage your online customers through stores. It is a boon in this COVID-19 era.

Engage your online customers with Click and Collect services.


The brands can take advantage of these online-offline marketing strategies to build strong consumer relationships and drive performance. Though these online strategies hold good, one should not ignore the traditional marketing methods like flyers, brochures and face to face interaction, print ads as they establish credibility and are a secret weapon for interactive and skilled marketing.