Few people claim that SEO strategies aren’t everything, maybe they haven’t given it a try or aren’t aware of the potential of it. Without SEO your business won’t get the visibility it requires for good sales and money spent on advertising in other mediums might go to a waste if your website doesn’t amongst the top few ones listed in the popular search engines.

What to do to get positive visibility for your site?

  • Know your business, scan your Meta tags; cross check and ensure that they are unique for each page
  • Make sure you use paragraph headers that contain your keyword, relevant title, and description along with body tags
  • Regularly survey the speed of your site, add a blog and put up a unique and interesting articles that are SEO friendly

As an internet-savvy individual, you must be very well aware of HTTP in SEO while requesting a web page. You invest a lot in your service to make sure that you are unique in the market and leading industrial portals. And obviously you want your website’s Google ranking to be on top. But, there are many things to be noticed along with ranking. Security, privacy, safe data, traffic routes and directors also have an important yet quiet impact on your rankings.

Is HTTP sufficient for your site?

The answer is no! You can see many a top SEO company in Bangalore has switched to HTTPS, because HTTPS will be guided to the clients for their websites having secured information such as Login Credentials & Payment Gateway. In order to switch to HTTPS you would need some modifications and yet it has quite a few advantages as mentioned below.

  • Explicit Data: – When traffic sweeps from a HTTPS site to a non secure HTTP site, the sealed information will be preserved. So, one can easily make out the path of driving traffic.
  • Amplify rankings: – Reading HTTPS as a ranking signal might not be as effective but, Google has announced they are now using SSL/HTTPS in their ranking algorithm.
  • Assurance & retreat: – Keep your websites secured from 3rd parties; give the slip to hackers, encode all the transmissions, URLs, search history and great security to credit cards.

If you wish to enjoy all the above advantages in your business portal, you have few SEO companies in Bangalore that lend a helping hand.

Things to keep in your mind before you start your SEO journey with “HTTPS”

  • Check whether the main URLs are chunked in robots.txt and check whether you website is creating a browser pole.
  • HTTPS interacts more with servers, so site speed may go up and down, so have regular checks on website speed.
  • SSL certificates are expensive and it will be a huge barrier for small website to get into HTTPS platform.

You can see many a SEO company in Bangalore seeking for HTTPS based on their business to have the secured credential. It’s time to do the same for your website; search for the best SEO companies in Bangalore to help with the transition.