Any business website or basically any online portal has articles, blogs, information, advices which are called Web contents. And that is the backbone of what makes a business website attractive. An enjoyable content is magnetic and attracts potential customers when written well. Similarly, a badly written content can spell doom for the business.

So how do you make a content sexy or in other words magnetic enough to seduce the viewers into being customers for the business?

  • Get a good writer – First and foremost get an appropriate content writer who pens down original content for your products and services. The writer should know and have experience in using SEO keywords to make the website content appear higher up in the search engine.
  • Research –  Always research properly before publishing a content for your website. It should be original and not copied from already existing online portals and should not contain false or illusive topics.
  • Use catch phrases – ordinary is boring. So generally, when a visitor browses your business website, he would not have the patience or time to go through whole of the contents until and unless some words or phrases catches his attention. They can be word plays or broken phrases or a hilarious pun to make the visitor stop and enjoy the content.

Your website or blog content should be sexy enough to represent you. You would not go to a client meeting without grooming yourself, right? Similarly, make your content represent yourself in a smart and professional manner which has the capability to create a lasting impression at the first meet itself! Because a visitor to your website is just like a client meeting and you must treat it that important.

Writing magnetic and sexy content is of utmost importance in your digital marketing promotions because it decides the CTR (Click Through Rate) which increases the traffic to your website. If you own a garage and just jot down the sales and services in black and white words, none will be interested to go through it. Instead if you publish the image of a sexy car with the caption “Want to master the road beast?”, people will stop by and perhaps you will get a few potential clients out of them!