The real estate marketing in India has modernised over the years starting with ‘sign-boards’ and printed ads to end up in the latest pop up ads in the internet. The former one is the old-fashioned type of ads to reach the prospective customers which relied on the chance of getting noticed by a person. However as per the recent trend in the real estate market, the agencies, sellers as well as buyers have become more proactive on the online property portals. Here comes the importance of a good digital marketing for a particular real estate property.

It is estimated that a major portion of the real estate consumers have used internet at some point of their search for a property. So, when a prospective buyer looks in the online portal, they will be looking for an affordable housing and also prefer personal engagement because of the high monetary value involved. Since this choosing part can take a long time in the real estate point of view, it is necessary to keep a customer engaged with interesting blogs, articles or polls.

How to make the most of a real estate digital marketing?

  • Develop website – Make sure that your website content is illustrated with interesting blogs, opinion polls or images like interior decoration which increases the time spent browsing your website and increases the chance of lead generation. 
  • Improvement through SEO and keywords usage – If you want to increase your sales by listing your website higher up in the search pages, you need to hire trained experts for SEO of your web portal. This will result in more traffic generation for your website. 
  • PPC and online Advertising – It is essential to increase your website visibility when the buyers or sellers visit a search engine. So, investing in PPC ads in Google or Facebook is a wise decision. Social network is very crucial media nowadays and Facebook PPC ads can be customised to suit a very particular demography hence increasing your sales leads. 
  • Adapted for cell phone users – It is important to make your website or portal mobile friendly because this would be targeting the section of audience who have access to mobile or tablets or are always on the move. Nowadays smartphone is the most useful device as it increases portability and helps in time management.