Amazon has become immensely popular not just as an e commerce portal but also among people for product reviews and comparisons. Most of us before making a purchase decision prefer to research about the product on the internet and on a search engine like Google or popular e-commerce stores like Amazon. In fact, Amazon is very popular with respect to product research. It is because of the fact that it hosts thousands of sellers and their numerous products and it has its own search tab to rank and list the relevant search result.

Just like Google, Amazon too follows its own algorithm to provide a relevant result list to the customer. So in this list where your product ranks, becomes an important factor in the sale of the product. As per the latest Amazon A9 algorithm, certain factors help to score better ranking in the product search results:

  1. Higher sales figure means higher rank  and it is also true vice versa. The commodities having the best seller tag ranks higher in the search list and customers tend to trust more in that. Again the reverse is true because of the higher ranking product us easily visible and tends to sell more. It may seem a daunting task for the newbies but there are ways to compete.
  1. Customer feedback The positive reviews for your product is the driving point for its ranking. At the same time, Amazon also takes into account the pro activeness and attitude of the seller to deal with the queries and reviews by customers.
  1. Picture quality since a customer buying online products can only virtually feel the product just by looking at the images provided by the seller, Amazon has put down clear guidelines on the quality control of the images and the products which have an image of 1000×1000 pixels or higher are given preference in the listings. The number of images is not important in comparison to the image quality.
  1. Cost  The price of the commodities matter in the position of a product in the list along with customer feedbacks and sales figure.