Mobile First Indexing: What Is It And What You Should Know?

Google first came up with the idea of the mobile-first index in November 2016. Most people use the Google search engine on their mobile devices. But when it comes to ranking, it is always the desktop that Google counts. To find a suitable solution for this ranking system the mobile-first index came into the scene that has ultimately changed the digital world. 

What Is The Mobile-First Index Exactly?

Mobile-first indexing is a way to consider the mobile versions of any site in the Google page ranking system. This way any website with a mobile-friendly site can be now counted for Google ranks. 

For instance, if you have a site that has been optimized for mobile, it will rank well on both mobile versions and desktop versions. Simply put, if you’re looking for a high-ranking website, you need to get a mobile-friendly and very responsive site.

Here is the list of ways in which you can prepare your site for the mobile-first index. 

Consider The Site Speed

A slow site that takes too long to open is not at all an ingredient for high ranking. You need to make your site speedy. If you’re looking for more conversions and a great user experience, you need to focus on the speed of your mobile site. This way the site will get more and more visitors and will start ranking as you wanted. 

Keep Content In Mind

Your current ranking is based on the content on the desktop version of your site. When it comes to the mobile version, you must maintain similar content but every page should be responsive. Make sure you consult an experienced SEO content specialist to help you get started with your mobile-friendly content. Always remember that the content you have on your mobile site will impact your page ranking. 

Navigation Should Be Easy

No one likes a mobile site or the desktop one that cannot be easily navigated. And this is one of the biggest reasons why many sites experience a high bounce rate. Thus your mobile site should have proper text size along with easy checkout methods and every possible element that makes a visitor’s experience smooth and happy. 

No Unnecessary Pop-Ups

Pop-ups at every stage are the worst thing that happens to a site. If you do not wish to rank low and want people to bounce back from your site, always avoid adding pop-ups. A decluttered site with lots of pop-ups is the one thing that every visitor hates. A pop-up must always be placed strategically so that it helps a visitor and does not distract them. 

You must always talk to a digital marketing specialist who can understand and evaluate your current site and improve it in the right way. 

How Ralecon Can Help You With Mobile-First Indexing?

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Wrapping Up

Try to find time for your current website and consult today to get it evaluated. It is important to make sure that the site is readable, responsive and fast. In short, the site should not be a disappointment for mobile devices. It should be a tool to improve traffic and conversion rate