In our world, brand building and promotion is the most critical aspect of marketing. The easiest of all is online brand promotion and service promotion. Among all the tools available for brand promotion, the digital promotion is the ideal way. However, the problem begins in choosing the right medium of online brand promotion.

Building website isn’t enough, we all know. But how to promote your website or the services that is offered through the website isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You need to draw a traffic to your website to let the people know that you are in the business. For that, you need your website to be ranked high on search engine page. Now, the eternal question is how do you draw traffic to your website.

What is required to get webpage traffic?

There are several methods one can opt for to attract more traffic each day and increase it regularly. Email is the most known method, but not rewarding. There are other methods, such as affiliate marketing and social media promotions. However, in the changing environment of online promotion, generating organic traffic is the most rewarding. Therefore, either you should go for the SEO promotions or you have to have PPC (paid Search engine Ads).

Benefits of SEO

  • SEO is to promote keywords related to your business and services to draw organic traffic to your website
  • This will make your website content attract more traffic and Google will eventually get your page ranking higher.
  • There is SEO Agency in Bangalore, rather several agencies that will help you out in getting SEO’s that will boast your webpage.
  • With a perfect SEO team the goal is to bring out your website appear on the first page on Google.

Benefits of PPC 

  • Pay Per Click targets keywords and this creates a series of advertisements, with every click and each click generates revenue
  • Pay Per Click are the advertisement that search engines place on your website and offers you money for bringing traffic
  • PPC Company in Bangalore allows you to promote their ads on your webpage and provides money for each hit your website brings

The outcome of this debate cannot be black and white, as it seems. However, Both PPC and SEO have their own benefits and drawbacks. Largely, it is depend on what kind of advertisement budget you have and what kind of business you are in.