Technology is dynamic, continuously developing and changing. New and advanced ideas and techniques are constantly replacing the old ones. One such technology achievement is Artificial Intelligence (AI). There has been a lot of talk about AI and how it is changing processes across various industries and verticals. So, what exactly is AI? Let’s look at a real-time example to understand. Google Voice and Google Assistant make use of artificial intelligence. There are numerous service providers that make use of AI to provide better and faster service to their customers.

Artificial Intelligence is also known as machine learning. Self-learning and self-correction done by machines can be termed as artificial intelligence. So, what are the various things that AI-enabled machines can do?


Use logical deduction to reason out solutions. It is used in financial planning, asset management, healthcare assistance, application processing, and more.


AI-based machines have a huge repository of information. Connections between points of data can be identified and used for fraud detection, medical diagnosis, make recommendations, market trading, legal assessment, and lots more.


AI can be used for both oral and written communication. It is used for translation, real-time data transcription, voice control, auto bots, and more.


Machine learning makes it easy to automate inventory management, asset management, demand forecasting, scheduling, navigation, route management and other tasks that require planning.

Sectors that use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used in various sectors such as

  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Entertainment
  • Manufacturing
  • Data security
  • Automotive industry
  • Marketing

How does artificial intelligence improve your marketing efforts?

AI is used in almost every phase of product creation, from designing the product to automating the work flow and marketing the product. So, how does AI help improve your website’s performance and help you use your online presence to market your product or service better?

Identify customer needs

Use Artificial Intelligence to predict user behaviour, search cycles, buyer persona and other details. All the data can be collated and compared to identify buying trends and feedback about products. Based on all this data, businesses can identify customer’s exact needs and design a product that meets their needs.

On-time customer response

Every customer comes to your website to get quick resolutions and responses. Setting up chatbots will help you instantly communicate with your customers. Chat bots use AI to understand the customer’s questions and give the right answers based on your database. Plus, chat bots can communicate with multiple users at the same time. Providing on-time responses will make your customers happy and satisfied. 

Real-time customer data collection

AI can be used to gather real-time data on customer behaviour which can help you identify ways to drive traffic to your website, keep visitors engaged on the website, and eventually, increase sales.

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