What would we do without Google in our lives? Yes, we would be clueless! Whenever we need an answer, Google always comes up with the relevant websites.

But have you noticed that most of the time we tend to click and browse those websites which come up on the first page of Google only? Yes, that is the backbone strategy of digital marketing and the process that helps in this ranking game is called the search engine optimization or SEO process.

All the businesses who want an edge in the competitive market, employ SEO strategy of online marketing. It is inclusive of both creative and technical elements which creates improved traffic statistics for a given website. It is a rather clever way of marketing that shows impressive results when implemented in a correct manner.

So here are a few points to help your website secure a place among the first page search results:

  1. Be creative with content – the web content of your portal should be engaging enough to keep the visitor browsing more and may end up generating leads.
  1. Improved user experience – help the visitor find the correct and relevant information on your website easily so that they make it a point to return to your portal when they again need it.
  1. Optimizing techniques – use well researched rich keywords in contents and ads as this makes a difference between ranking among the first page or losing out to the competitor 
  1. Usage of Mobile Pages by Google – Use the latest AMP or accelerated mobile pages technology from Google to build the content for smartphone users.
  1. Reach out by using video ads – nowadays video ads such as in YouTube are extremely popular marketing campaign as it is the number one video portal. Viewers would be watching the ads for a few seconds before the video starts and so the content must be catchy enough to stop the viewer from skipping the ad and move on to the video.
  1. Monitoring reviews – online reputation of a brand name is extremely important in today’s digitized world. So, keep a close eye on the online reviews and react in a proactive and positive manner to a negative review. Remember, before making a final deal every customer will search for your review and reputation online.