When it comes to the Web, the master is Google. So, when any digital marketing agency says that they are certified Google partner, you immediately have the trust factor in place. Digital marketing is extremely essential nowadays because of the dramatic increase in the online trades and dealings. It is essential that you place your requirement with such a reliable company like Ralecon who are certified Google partner so that your business reaches the targeted audience and is visible in the first page of the Google search engine. The numerous advantages of a Google partner Agency are as follows:

  • The certified professionals – It is obvious that only Google Partner companies like Ralecon will have highly qualified experts who have certification in Google AdWords and analytics. It is important to note that these professionals need to have current certifications. So, rest assured your brand will be in hands of people who are updated with the latest Google practises and they will mould the marketing in a most profitable manner for your brand.
  • Get ahead in the competition – The Google partner companies can have access to the beta versions of the latest features of Google and use them for up to a year ahead of the formal launch. So now you can stay ahead in the race because your brand can reap benefits from the features which are still not available to your competition.
  • Reduced wait time – Whenever any complex issue is faced, Ralecon as a Google partner company can consult the Google support team which otherwise may take days to get resolved.
  • Highest industry standards – When a company gets certified by none other than the giant of the Web, it must work hard to keep up its standard or risk being eliminated from the program. Being a Google Partner is tough. There are several rounds of hard tests followed by regular inspection and scrutiny about whether the company is meeting the standards set by Google. Every company certified by Google Partner badge like Ralecon are required to follow the best practices laid down by Google.

So, when you really want your brand to prosper through digital marketing, surely choose a Google Partner Agency like Ralecon – the badge which denotes trust and quality!