The first thing that anybody who is planning to do business or purchase with a new company looks for is good reputation. So reputation for that matter is critical for any brand because it is the drives people to be the potential customers. A store or a service provider with negative reputation does not perform well because customers tend to lose their trust factor when it comes to business dealing with such businesses.

The same is true for e commerce store or online websites of brands because anything that is able to catch attention people becomes viral on the internet in a short while. Due to the popularity of e commerce, people are searching for reviews of a product or service on the search engines like Google and then making purchase decisions. There are certain important factors which make online reputation very important for your company.

Negative reviews If there are negative reviews about a service or a product on the internet it affects the purchase decision of a customer in a regressive manner. Any negative comment or review coming from any source should be dealt with at the budding level otherwise if it keeps making rounds then it may severely damage the online reputation of a brand.

Monitoring and addressing the issues It is an important part of your job to monitor the online reviews in social medias like facebook and twitter and mitigate if there is a negative review. If there is a frustrated customer, then the cause of his dissatisfaction must be addressed in a positive manner. This is required to build brand credibility and trust factor so that the interested customers may get the notion that even if there is any defect in the products or shortcomings in the services provided, they are addressed properly and sorted in a positive manner.

Increase the visibility higher positive reviews means increased online visibility because people search for commodities which have the most positive customer feedbacks. So be it a start-up venture or an established brand, it is crucial that more people view the positive reputation. This helps in building the customer base.

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