If you are an online business owner who is investing hard earned money for campaign then you should know that a landing page should be a separate one from your website home page. This is where most of the online business traders go wrong and often use their homepage as the landing page.

Why is it so essential to have a separate landing page other than the home page of the website?

Landing page is that essential tool which is the single most crucial point in a marketing campaign which directly affects the lead generation. They are points of display of product information, target qualified leads and also capture contact details of prospective customers. The homepage of a website will not be able to perform these tasks as efficiently. So it is necessary to have a separate landing page.

Still not convinced? Then read along further for here are the few points which will help you realise how critical it is to use a landing page for paid campaigns:

  • Generate contact information – when a user ends up in a landing page from a blog or an online ad campaign it means that the person is curious and interested in the offers of your brand or company. So here the landing page acts as the medium which gives the product or service information to the user and in turn makes the user sign up and thus captures the email address of the prospective customer.
  • Impression- the landing page can create a lasting impression on the visitors. They can be personalized according to the brand’s need and can be easily changed according to the varying needs. So they can make the brand image stronger and more presentable to the customers.
  • Focus – the users are distracted by multiple campaigns of different brands. Your landing page can serve as the point of minimal distraction for a user, make him stay on the page till he is convinced about the product and drive him to the action point.
  • Tracking mechanism – the landing pages can serve as a useful tool to determine the source from where maximum traffic is being generated. This is essential for future modification of your marketing strategies and campaigns.

Creating a landing page is quite simple and fully customizable. So go ahead and use the landing page to your full advantage for your revenue generation.

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