The more we have started using internet for any business or personal dealings, the more have the number of cybercrime incidents increased. These incidents include all the data theft ranging from the duplication of personal information of an individual like social security and credit card details till the hacking of database of a multinational corporation. To deal with this sort of menace it is largely advisable nowadays to use SSL certificate or HTTPS for your website. Even the search engine giant Google is now promoting the usage of SSL certificates for each individual website by giving a rank preference than those that are not using it.

SSL certificate is the best way to keep your data protected from cyber criminals. Sometimes it so happens that we connect our device to public wi-fi for example from a cafe or an airport, and try to make a transaction through a website. At this point, the Wi-Fi connection is not a secure one. So the number used at our end and received at banks end might be different because in the middle some other server is trying to encroach the data. So SSL certificates make sure this does not happen.

There are types of SSL certificates: 

Single domain: These certificates protect a single domain and are best suited for simple content-based websites.

Multi-domain or SAN (subject alternative names): These are as the name suggests and it covers a whole bunch of sites. So even if some sites are yet to be live or some sites become redundant it will not affect the overall security or functioning aspect of the other sites.

Wildcard SSL: This type covers all the sub domains on a single hostname.

Organization SSL: This type of SSL certificate authorizes the details of a company like their identity and address. It is similar to the single domain but meant for bulk content.

Extended SSL: These are the most secure ones as they go through the whole process of legal verification of the domain and hence costs more than others.

To prevent the increase in cyber theft it is recommended to use SSL certificates and also Google has recently promoted the same notion.

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