Small businesses find high success rates with local search. It is estimated that nearly half of the searches made by people on popular search engines such as Google are looking for local information. Nearly everyone who is searching for local information are using their smartphone. Out of these many people, half of them search for local information daily, while the rest do it at least once in a day.

So what is local search or local SEO?

Local SEO search engine optimization is a set of techniques to increase the visibility of a business or local businesses. The business will have operations in the same geographic area as that of the people searching for the information or the geographical context of the information. Although one may compare it to organic SEO, local search also has a geographic aspect to it.

What to do

Use Google Plus to give your SEO ratings a boost

Google Plus or Google+ might have not lived up to Google’s expectations of competing with Facebook or Twitter, but it still remains in the reckoning for traditional SEO as well as SEO for location-based pages. Going by Moz’s Local Search Ranking Factors Report, Google+ is should be one of the focal strategies for your local business. You can include your business in the Google+ listings so that they appear in the local pack results of local searches. Another way is to create a Google Places account and list the business on Google Maps.

Use NAP correctly

Name, address, phone number (NAP) information is used by Google search engine optimizer programs to rank businesses and places them in local search engine results. For geo-targeted local searches, this could be critical. So ensure that your NAP is accurate, not only on your site but on any other sites that are referencing your business. You can also build local citations by including NAP in reputable online directories. Note that local keywords could be used to search for NAP information of your business, so that’s why it is important.

Voice search for local SEO

Your website should be optimized for voice search. Amongst the fastest-growing types of search, voice search is one. Statistics indicate that 55% of smartphone users prefer to do voice searches. Even voice chat technology is being used extensively. So it is high time you optimized your SEO techniques for voice search algorithms of search engines to get Position Zero results with featured snippets. Your keyword strategy should be based on long-tail conversational keywords. Use voice search optimization tips targeting long-tail keywords on your website using the services of a top-rated voice search SEO services firms.

What not to do

Never fake it

Fake reviews can be easily spotted. Not just be casual readers but by sophisticated search engine algorithms. Fake reviews on Google are classified as spam. Search engines use a mix of algorithms to identify the veracity of these reviews. Good reviews will add up to the online reputation of your business, but ensure that it is organic.

Online reputation is a serious business

Apart from website SEO, once your customer lands on your website and uses your service, the SEO’s job is done. Now it’s your turn to handle the customer’s requirements. So always focus on good customer service. Even one negative remark can create opportunity losses.


SEO is a technical, scientific, behavioral, and data-driven process. Your business needs a good SEO services firm to gain instant recognition in a market that is filled with competing products and services. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to apply modern SEO principles through an SEO services agency.