E-commerce is one of the well flourished industries which is showing no signs of slowing down. In the present technological and digital world, the need for e-commerce is necessary to build your business to greater heights. As e-commerce continues its journey at a rapid pace, you have to adopt certain approaches in your business to attain a better position in the industry. One of such approaches is increasing the conversion rate of your e-commerce portal using standard measures.

What is conversion rate?

What is conversion rate?

E-commerce conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who land on a website and complete the desired action by making a purchase. Here a visitor will be converted as a customer and satisfies the sales goal of the company. A conversion has a measurable impact on business to identify the pitfalls of in product lines, contents, user interfaces, etc. Basically, we can classify the conversion process into two. That is Micro conversion and macro conversion. Macro Conversion is the final stage of the conversion, i.e. Purchase. This is the most desirable action business wants visitors to take. Micro conversion is the initial step that leads the visitors to the final stage of purchase or buying a product from the website or portal.

In this article, we have mentioned the advantages of monitoring micro conversion and how it can help in your business.

Know your visitors

Micro conversion will give you a clear picture of the visitors and their activities in the e-commerce site. You will get a diverse pool of visitors to your website, but it is very important to figure out the route they are heading to. The people who are eager to know about the career opportunities will navigate to the career section or page. They won’t be interested in checking the product pages and buying the products you are offering, right?

Micro conversion helps you to find the perfect pool of visitors you should turn your focus towards.

Identify and optimize the key areas

Identify and optimize the key areas

Categorizing visitors action on your website is an opportunity to collect the valuable information about the visitors. You can understand the key areas and can optimize them in separate entities. For example, if you find more bounce rate in a particular page, you can identify if there is any mistake and rectify them, right? Micro conversion helps you to improve by finding your fault in each and every step before the macro conversion.

Help in nurturing the ideal visitors

After identifying your ideal set of visitors, the next step is to nurture those leads appropriately through micro conversion. For example, some people will sign up for your monthly newsletter, you can make them attracted through the newsletters to purchase your products. Or else if you find a customer is almost ready to leave the cart, you can give discounts on the product through popup messages in exchange for signup or email exchange which will prompt them to make the purchase.

Helps in assessing the right channel of communication

This is one of the important categories in micro-conversion. Here customers will enrol for services like signing up for newsletters, subscribing social media, allowing push notifications, etc. to maintain a relationship with the company. If you get an increased rate of conversion in all these channels, it means you are on the right track for the bigger picture. Micro conversions indicate the right channels for you which are effective and engaging to attract maximum leads for your company.

Conversion Funnel

Conversion Funnel

Building the appropriate conversion funnel is very important for every e-commerce business as it is the perfect way to analyse the visitors and their actions inside the website.

You can figure out the way your ideal visitors are heading inside the portal by evaluating the right set of micro conversions.

Following is the series of action taken by the user or visitor in an e-commerce website

  • User lands on the home page (micro)
  • He or she initiates the search for the preferred products (micro)
  • User visits the preferred product page (micro)
  • Add the product to the cart (micro)
  • Sign up or log in (micro)
  • Checkout (macro)

Micro conversion is playing a vital role in the marketing effort of a company. Every e-commerce business should follow a pattern of micro-conversion to enhance the business and reach a top-level. These can help you in tracking each marketing channels you are using and its effectiveness.

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