Don’t Go!!

How many times have you wished you could tell this to your website visitor when he/she just scrolled through the page and left your website?

And that too after you have spent so much of your time and effort in bringing in leads and directing visitors to your website, and they just leave without purchasing anything or even checking out the services that you offer. Yes, we understand your pain and frustration.

Did you know 99% of visitors to an ecommerce platform leave the website without buying anything? At the most, a majority of them add products to the cart and leave without clearing the checkout. The good news for e-com websites is that of those who left without purchasing, 75% of them returned for the second time to make a purchase.

Why do users leave your website?

In order to get visitors back to your website, you need to first find reasons why there are leaving in the first place. A study on cart abandonment rate done by Baymard Institute lists the reasons for cart abandonment. The information garnered from 1799 responses show that the top reason for cart abandonment was Extra costs (shipping, tax, fees). The next reason was that the website wanted the visitor to create an account. The other reasons for cart abandonment were

  • Complicated checkout process
  • Unable to see total cost
  • Website errors
  • Security issues
  • Slow delivery
  • Unsatisfactory returns policy
  • Limited payment methods

On analysing these reasons, we can say that with minor changes to the website, we can do away with all these issues. The changes in the checkout process or making the website more secure could go a long way in improving those conversions. You could avail the help of your digital marketing agency in Bangalore to make these modifications to your website or to check the security features of your online portal.

However, we still have the problem of visitors leaving the site even before they reach this point. To solve this challenge, website owners need to think of Exit-Intent Popups. In fact, many of the top SEO companies in Bangalore are suggesting the use of exit-intent popups for increasing conversion rates.

What are exit-intent popups?

In the start of the blog, we asked if you had wished you could tell your website visitors not to go. Well, these pop ups do just that for you! These popups are designed with a message that will get your visitors navigate to other pages on the website or sign up for the services or purchase the products.

When to display the popups?

Timing is the key to a successful exit-intent strategy.

Most website visitors complain that popups disrupt their browsing. Seriously, there can be nothing more frustrating that popups covering the screen when you are trying to read something interesting on the page. But, with the right exit-intent strategy, you can use these annoying popups to get visitors spend more time (and their money) on your website.

If the user has come to your website from a social media post or an article posted elsewhere, it means that the visitor is interested in your products or services. So, wait patiently till the reader comes to the end of the page and then show the pop up. This will encourage them to subscribe, signup or avail the discounts that you are offering.

What should the popups say?

Now that you have got your visitor to notice the pop up, you need to convince them to follow up with a positive action. There are various things that your popup could say such as:

  • Offer discounts for providing the email ID
  • Special discounts coupons for first-time visitors or for special holidays
  • Suggest other reading material
  • Suggest other products on sale on your website
  • Tell your brand message
  • Talk about the next sale/discount offer
  • Ask the visitor to join a contest
  • Join a community
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Request for demo
  • Give an announcement

The message on the popup will depend on your business, product or service, and the actual page that the visitor is on.

Now that you know the secret of getting users come back to your website, you can work on increasing the conversion rates. Avail the services of a reputed digital marketing company in Bangalore to create the best exit-intent strategies for your business. Contact us right away.