Hiring digital marketers is a necessity to improve your site. You get things done in a professional manner and learn to increase traffic to your site.

You need to look for the following skills when hiring these digital marketing experts.

1. Knowledge of paid social media advertising

A digital marketing hire should be able to use social media platform like Facebook effectively with knowledge of Facebook analytics and insights and to test creative campaigns. He should also know how to use social media platform on a budget.

Knowledge of paid social media advertising

2. Ability to sell your products

Those who have excellent digital marketing skills will be able to create good lead opportunities and turn your viewers into customers.

3. Expertise in specific marketing channels 

Digital marketers may be experts in all marketing channels. If they are able to explore the specific marketing channels that could promote your product through suitable dynamics, they are the most welcoming persons for your company.

4. Capable of thinking objectively

In their passion for marketing, marketers should not hope very positively for things to happen. A person with an objective eye on what could happen is your right choice.

5. Capable of executing and analyzing drip marketing campaigns

Inbound marketing with a bunch of emails will not work well for lead generations. Using abilities of communication to approach customers is the way to be successful in increasing conversion rates.

6. Capacity for creative and analytical thinking

Your marketer should not miss creativity for the sake of analytical thinking in your campaigns. Both blended together bring victory to your digital program.

Capacity for creative and analytical thinking

7. Copy and visual story telling capability

Your marketer should be able to copy and visually attract audience for winning over them on the emotional platform.

8. Outgoing and pleasant

A person standing on the platform of connecting to bloggers, publishers, influencers and journalists should be pleasant and likeable to interact effectively and pleasantly with his connections.

9. Knowing WordPress

WordPress is the great technical tool that helps digital marketing companies to a great extent in content production.

Knowing WordPress

10. Promting self

Marketers should be able to promote your company on all social media platforms through consistent messaging and other such techniques.

11. Minimal messaging

Marketers should use short and sweet messaging not more than 140 characters to communicate your value proposition to your targeted customers.

12. Providing actionable metrics

Marketers should have the competencies to use analytics and metrics software as tools to decide the success of their campaigns,

13. Ability to listen

Listening to customers and creating solutions based on their observations and insights is an essential skill necessary for the digital marketers.

14. Quickness to adapt to the changes

With changes every now and then in digital marketing platform, it is but expected of the marketers to keep track of them and be quick to adapt themselves to the changes.

15. Basic knowledge of HTML, photoshop

Without visual impact, your campaign will lose the ground. So, the hire should have the basic knowledge of HTML, Photoshop or CSS.

Above mentioned skills are necessary parts of a successful digital marketer.