SEO strategies need to be updated since they undergo changes every now and then. What you feel ok today may not fit your SEO frame tomorrow.  If you want your business to flourish, you need to update your SEO strategies and keep intact with the current trends.

What are the SEO strategies which may go outdated in the end of the year?

1. Focusing on a single platform

Focusing on Google alone will not suffice for winning targeted audience. There are a number of people today, who pay equal attention to other search engines like Bingo and Yahoo and search on them for results. Some personal digital assistants like Siri and Cortana improve user search behavior with their new dynamics. Best SEO Services in Bangalore take care of such things and provide solutions to their clients accordingly.

2. Keyword centric strategies

Targeting audience through keyword optimization is becoming irrelevant nowadays. Though people still feel the importance of inserting keywords in the title and body, keyword centric content is losing its face with content marketing taking an upper hand. A Top SEO Company in Bangalore knows the value of content marketing and uses related strategies to target potential customers to your site.

3. Concentrating on desktop traffic

Desktop optimization is not that popular as it was earlier. Today you have mobile optimization and more of mobile traffic to your site. Best SEO Services in Bangalore take stock of this situation and do the needful.

4. Written content is the only means to attract audience

Writing has its special appeal to the minds, true. When it is accompanied by images and objects that draw sensory attention, your content fetches more popularity. Images, videos and demographics gain prominence these days with their interactive element along with written content.

5. Link building in large

Bulk building of links is old fashioned now after the inception of Penguin algorithm by Google. People prefer to use guest posting, quality content and network building as better forms of link building in recent days.

6. Banking on infographics for link building

Infographics are still the charm of the day with their images and data. But they are profuse in number that success for your infographics is not guaranteed. You need to present one in an exceptional manner to impress the audience. Leave the job to a Top SEO Company in Bangalore. They will do it for you.

7. Concentrating on average content

Your content should be shared and liked by many. Or else, there is no meaning in presenting the content. There will be an end to average content by the end of the year and only unique content will fetch the desired popularity.

Now, you are ready to entrust your SEO with Best SEO Services in Bangalore and get your work done.