Have you faced this situation when the review of one disgruntled customer or one irritated client made a hash of your online reputation? No matter how good your product or service is, one negative review or one complaint on an online portal can bring down years of hard work and effort trying to set up an online platform.

It is not just small and medium-size businesses have this problem. Even the Fortune 500 companies have suffered the backlash of negative reviews and bad publicity on the digital media.

Make the best first impression on search engine results

Customers don’t come directly to your website. They search for a particular product or service and then browse through the search engine listings to navigate to your website. So, even if you have great content on your website and your products or services are truly stellar, they will not bring you much business online, if you don’t have a good reputation on the search engines. So, if you want to build your online reputation, you need to make sure that your business ranks for positive keywords rather than negative keywords on search engines. It is not possible for you to remove the negative reviews or comments about your business. But it is possible to make your website rank higher for other relevant search terms. That’s why online reputation management agencies in Bangalore focus on helping you rank better for positive keywords so that the negative remarks go down in the search engine results.

What are the problems of negative reputation?

The first problem is that it creates a negative impression of your business. Even if there are numerous good reviews about your business, one negative review can turn the visitor away from your website.

Second, it affects conversion rates. People may not trust your product or service causing you to lose more potential customers.

Third, it can affect regular customers. Reading the negative reviews about your business, they may start complaining more often about your products or services.

How to build a positive reputation for your brand?

It is difficult, but not impossible to turn the SERP results and make your brand gain a positive reputation in the search engine results. A digital marketing agency in Bangalore will use some or all of the below methods for online reputation management.

Link building

It is one of the tried and trusted SEO practices that has been around for ages. Direct links from various sources to your landing page. It is not necessary to improve the ranking of the home page of your website, you can do it for any other page that has a good search engine rating. Direct URLs from blogs, third-party article submission sites, press reports, social media mentions to the targeted page.

Content creation

Create more content about your brand, product, services and promote it on different platforms. You can also outsource content creation to a digital marketing company in Bangalore.

Influencer Reviews

Get influencers to talk about your products and services on various platforms. As an expert is talking about your product, visitors are more likely to accept their word.

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