Okapia Mobile set to enter the Indian mobile market soon!

Bengaluru, May 25th, 2015 – Okapia Mobile of Bangladesh origin and Ralecon IT Consulting Services, Bangalore have come together and are set to launch a mobile app ‘Hello World’ for smart phones and exclusive WAP based content for feature phone users. With more than 1.5 million apps in Google Play Store in Q1 2015, it is imperative to come up with apps that are unique and are of utmost use to the customer. ‘Hello World’ aims at delivering a customer engagement service that is unparalleled and unique in a mobile market that is today fragmented and constantly undergoing change. The app will facilitate access to a wide range of contents like headlines of the hour/breaking news, world news, sports, jokes, wallpapers, funny video clips, movies, songs, tips related to health, cooking, cooking videos, games and much more and that too in many different languages such as Bangla, Hindi, English and Bengali.

“We are excited to launch the ‘Hello World’ App that aims to address almost all of a customer’s needs and aims to be the one stop solution, the go to place when a user needs something from his/her phone.  The mobile app market is inundated with apps serving a variety of purposes today with the estimated size of the current mobile app industry being around 25 billion. Complete customer engagement is the key to sustenance in a market that is driven by fierce competition and we hope to achieve that with ‘Hello World’”, said Mr. Tofazzul Hossain, MD, Okapia Mobile, Bangladesh during the launch. Mr. Tofazzul further added that the content would be free in the first two months wherein a user can download and use it while it would later be charged on a subscription basis and pay as you go basis later.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sethuraman, Co- Founder and CEO of Ralecon IT Consulting Services said, “Ralecon is a budding IT Consulting Services Company and we are always up for a challenge; we have surged ahead of Herculean tasks and delivered our best. Ralecon was started with the primary aim of leveraging the mobile and web technologies to enable clients to outperform their competitors and cement their market share. Our R&D team closely monitors the recent developments in all relevant technology sectors and ensures that we deliver innovative ideas that are implementing using the latest technological trends. Such a combination when executed to perfection can only prove to be successful and this is our approach to every project we take up.”

“This strategic partnership has been cemented after a lot of discussions and meetings and both the parties are set to play a crucial role in each other’s long term growth. We are both invested in a common commitment towards customer satisfaction and innovation and we have embarked upon a life time of bonding and partnership with the aim of achieving an exceptional customer following”, Mr. Sethuraman further added.

Speaking at length about the app, Mr. Tofazzul added, “The name of the app says it all – ‘Hello World’! Okapia has always striven to serve customers through rich and useful content and lifestyle products that facilitate the customers to go about their day to day activities with ease. We invite customers across the globe to use our app and reap rich benefits. The app will be available in Google play store. Okapia also intends to launch mobile phones in India soon and as part of this, we will make our app available and accessible to everyone. Both smart phone and feature phone users will be able to use our app/WAP content for free for the initial periods. At a later stage, Okapia will come up with join collaboration with mobile device companies and operators in India to make the contents even more useful for Indian users and reach a wider audience.”