If you make your site user friendly with smart SEO strategies, your business gathers momentum and you will be at the top of   search ranks.

What are the SEO techniques that make your site user friendly?

1. Specify your business through focused keywords

Make your primary keywords reflect the very purpose of your blog and the business you are dealing in. Use them in the headings so as to help your users scan your content at the very first sight. Today’s users do not read your content word by word. They glance at your content; if they are drawn by your keywords in heading, they relate them at once to their search queries.

2. Include primary keywords in your Meta titles.

It is good to include primary keywords in titles. Readers, with many tabs open on their computer, will see what they want from the title on the page. Search engines will rank your content for the target keyword used appropriately. SEO Experts in Bangalore help you with proper use of keywords to enhance your site’s user experience.

3. Bring more images in your content

Use TinyJPG or TinyPNG and you can compress your images and increase the speed of your site, despite loading images. Also make your images accessible to visually challenged people with alt attributes. More images in the content appeal to the visual aspects of your users bringing more traffic to the site. An SEO Company in Bangalore which is well versed in loading your content with compressed images can do tons of good work for you.

4. Concentrate on internal linking for powerful content

Interlink your pages to provide a better user experience and added value to your site. Your user can get a complete picture of the site .Boost your site’s performance with internal links in the footer, side bar, body text etc. SEO Experts in Bangalore can make your site rank high with proper internal links. Don’t forget to use keywords in links.

5. Making your SEO more human

Human centered web designs should occupy SEO canvass to make user experience more human as it is basically human beings who use computers to know answers for their search engines.

All things put together, we come to the view that it is user friendly SEO techniques that make web search more targeted and purpose oriented and those who have understood this fact will be the kings in the field in a short span after their inception in online marketing. Of course, an established SEO Company in Bangalore will do this job well for you and place you in top ranks on SERP.