Supremacy among the two big online advertising strategies- the PPC and article marketing is still a matter of heated argument. As much as the content writing agencies, numerous PPC agencies in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, etc. have popped up in recent days. The PPC or the Pay Per Click marketing is a paid marketing, while the article marketing is a sort of search engine optimization.

There are conflicting views on which one is the better counterpart. A PPC agency in Bangalore or any other city may claim that it is the best option, but the deciding factors should be the clicks received, the cost effectiveness, and the conversion ratio.

For a site to be ranked in the top 10 search results, the web content should be relevant. This may lead to the conclusion that the article marketing is the best. However, since there is no payment given to be listed in this kind of marketing, chances are high that the site doesn’t appear on the top results. But in case of PPC, the companies that bid high will get higher rankings, and get placed in the top results. That is why site owners seek the help of PPC agencies in Bangalore and other Indian cities.

So, though article marketing makes sure that you get utmost customer satisfaction due to its relevancy, it may not be a successful strategy for the company. Again, article marketing is an elaborate and time-taking process as opposed to the short form of PPC marketing. Usually PPC ads are short, misleading and dishonest tactics. But the results are instantaneous. A study shows that PPC received a click through rate of 18.3%, while article marketing got just 4.3%. That is why you should contact a PPC agency in Bangalore if you are after instant results.

Therefore, the better one is decided upon according to the customer that your business needs. PPC marketing would suit one-time customers. But for long term customers, you need a trustworthy strategy like that of article marketing.