In today’s world of online commercialization, success or failure depends on the presentation and marketing of your products. Marketing means not only the correct and unique representation of your product’s quality, price and guarantee to the potential customer. It also means a strategy to get a lifetime client who comes back a second time to your online store after their first purchase.

So, what happens when a customer visits your online store? He browses and just leaves like that? Yes, some percentage of that cannot be avoided. But what if majority does that? Then it must be understood that you are not using personalized marketing fully to increase the on-site conversions.

The personalized marketing should be implemented through targeted messages to the potential customer when he visits the site. These messages can come in different forms:

  • Display – Suppose we are visiting an e-commerce website then we come across several sales displays which are targeted based on what products we are browsing. They can be banners, bars or pop-ups. If we intend to buy a cell phone, then they should be displaying the discounts for the various brands if purchased. In that way, we can engage a customer to be interested in making a purchase.
  • Video – Generally an anxious customer looks for the real-life context before making a purchase. So, a targeted video messaging helps in giving the customer the feel of purchasing process from a physical store.
  • Chat interaction – This serves some important purposes. First, it allows the customer to query about the products. Secondly, it also helps the customer to interact and correct an order in case of any confusion. This results in making the customer convince that the purchase is reliable and he is more likely to purchase and visit next time.
  • Sign up for personalized email – When a customer intends to leave the site just after browsing, you may set a trigger to message for personalized email sign up saying that he would be notified when there are exclusive offers for the products he browsed.

Having said all these, you can start by selecting a targeted audience for the most popular set of products purchased from your online store and create messages for sending them. Remember – before setting on full steam ahead, you need to test and customize the messages according to the customers targeted.