Any e-commerce business is surprisingly affected largely by video marketing these days. In a recent survey, it was found that most of the online consumers love to watch product related short online videos which tell them more about the products. Thus video marketing has a large effect on the potential purchasing decision of a consumer base.

Any visual message is more retain able than a simple ad or a mere mention of a product brand. This is more true when the message is in the form of a video which says more about a product and how it can be useful to a customer. This makes the consumer understand how this product will fulfil his or her need and thus generates potential leads for the brand.

Any consumer before buying a product will make a comparison study between different brands offering the same product. For sales to increase, the product website must be featured higher in the rank list of the popular search engines like Google. If a product descriptive video becomes viral online because of its catchy and compact content then the surge of traffic towards the brand website rises resulting in the higher ranks in search results.

Nowadays before buying a product online, a consumer tends to research more about it online before making a purchase decision. They tend to visit the company or brand website and may tend to lose interest if they do not find short catchy descriptive videos of the products. They also search for consumer feedback videos at times or tutorial videos to understand if the product will suit their purpose. Hence all these factors make video marketing an important marketing strategy in any kind of business – be it online or regular.

Lastly, it can be said that videos about a product build the trust and the connection with a consumer. They can portray the emotions attached to a product and can show the customer how his needs can be practically satisfied by using this product. They can visualize the look and usage of a product before making the purchasing decision by watching a good engaging descriptive video about a product.

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