Our life has dramatically changed after we got the flavour of online shopping stores. Sitting comfortably at our home we can choose from a vast range of products, compare qualities and prices and even choose the mode of payment to suit our need.

Whenever we want to buy a product online, first thing we do is to search on Google and compare all the e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Facebook which are offering the products at a bargain. At a time when Facebook has also become a mandatory part of our daily life, the biggest question is which is more effective to increase the sale – Amazon or Facebook?

The Pros of using Amazon

  • Amazon is a world renowned e-commerce store which provides personalized products to its customers.
  • It is known for its trustworthy delivery service.
  • Amazon has a very proactive customer service which resolves a complain within the provided timeline.
  • Amazon has the option to post reviews and ratings from the original buyers so that a prospective customer who is apprehensive about a purchase can read through them and then plan about a tension free dealing
  • A very good approach of Amazon is the prime facility. In Amazon prime, the members are offered unlimited shipping for free for 2 days and they are also provided access to Kindle owners’ library. This generates a positive reaction among the buyers who often opt for this facility.

Facebook e-commerce Facility

  • Facebook is the most popular social network creating a close knit young consumer group. So, using Facebook facility for your e-commerce store increases the brand visibility.
  • No charge – Facebook does not charge the trader for any dealings made through the ecommerce section.
  • Direct sale and interaction – When a consumer visits your page, he can browse and purchase without leaving your profile. It also allows the buyer and seller to interact directly through messaging.
  • Order Management – Facebook has features to mark the status of an order–shipping, cancelled or refunded. So, tracking becomes easy.

Both Facebook and Amazon have several advantages and are very popular among huge audiences when it comes to e-commerce. No matter which ever you choose you can be rest assured that your product will reach the right set of consumers!