If you haven’t integrated LinkedIn advertising into your social strategy, it’s time you think about it. LinkedIn is not just the world’s largest professional network but also a marketing powerhouse. The platform has also a hub of activity for marketers looking to land talent, build authority and signal themselves as the go-to pro within their niches.

Did you know over 40% of LinkedIn users visit the site every day? Here are some of the features that make LinkedIn popular:

  • Better mobile apps.
  • Slicker desktop version.
  • Richer content features.
  • Better spam management.
  • Video.

Here’s our quick guide to LinkedIn ads.

Wondering why LinkedIn ads?

Without much ado, here are some of the many hard-to-ignore benefits of LinkedIn ads:

  • Advanced targeting features – Include job title, function, and industry.
  • An impressively broad range of ad options – Includes self-serve ads and partner solutions.
  • Flexible budget controls.
  • Lead generation tools to rev up conversion.
  • Tracking and analytics tools to effectively measure performance.
  • Multiple language options making it truly global.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Whether you want to target executives, influencers, or job seekers, there are various ways to advertise on LinkedIn through different ad types, including self-serve, partner programs, and other options. Each type of LinkedIn ad comes with its own benefits and best practices.

Executives, job seekers or influencers – no matter who you want to target, LinkedIn has an ad type that suits your needs.

LinkedIn self-serve ads

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager allows you to create and publish your own ads, schedule campaigns in advance, target the most appropriate audience, and find out who clicks your ads (for instance, the job functions, seniority levels and industries).

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is what we call the ‘prime real estate’ for social marketers. While other LinkedIn ads appear on the easy-to-miss sidebars or slightly boring tops of pages, sponsored content appears right in middle of your audience’s news feed. You just cannot go wrong with sponsored content on LinkedIn.

Use this amazing feature to amplify your company news, relevant industry content, SlideShare presentations, promotions, YouTube videos and more.

Still not convinced about using sponsored content? Consider these advantages:
  • Extends the reach of your content.
  • Attracts more traffic to your page and thus improves the number of Company Page followers.
  • Captures eyeballs and clicks across various devices (mobile, laptop and desktop)
  • Integrates LinkedIn’s lead generation forms.

Display and Text Ads

If you’ve never been to the LinkedIn Adland, PPC ads are perhaps the easiest way to go about it. LinkedIn display and text ads appear either within a user’s inbox or on the side or the bottom of the LinkedIn homepage. Additionally, self-service display ads allow you to include an image or video and an ad copy.

Why Display and Text Ads?
  • Superfast and easy to get started.
  • Allows you to decide your own budget.
  • Helps you choose your audience with awesome B2B filters.
  • Helps track conversions.

Sponsored InMail

Using Sponsored InMail you can send personalized messages to targeted LinkedIn users through LinkedIn Messenger. The recipients will receive Sponsored InMails only when they are active on LinkedIn. This is an effective option if you wish to go for a more personalized approach to increase conversion rates.

Video ads (coming soon)

In October, 2017, LinkedIn surprised its users when they announced they were testing video ads and will probably roll them out in the first half of 2018—first on mobile and then desktop.

LinkedIn video ads will be available through Campaign Manager, offering the same targeting, budgeting, and reporting tools as the many other ad options out there in the market.

A step by step guide to advertising on LinkedIn:

  1. Set up a Campaign Manager Account (you can set up multiple accounts)
  2. Select your ad type (sponsored content, display and text ads, sponsored InMail)
  3. Create your ad
  4. Target your ad
  5. Set up your ad budget and schedule
  6. Measure results, refine ads – rinse, repeat.

Hope our LinkedIn ads guide was helpful and now you’re considering giving this mode of advertising a shot. Good luck people!

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