A good UX Designer designs a website that is appealing and easy to use. A UX (User Experience) design is like a buffet plate, the more organized and visually appealing it looks, the more satisfying it is supposed to be. According to a study by Leadpages, 94% of a website’s first impressions are related to its design. UX Design is super important in website development. UX Design is all about studying the needs, demands, and behaviours of users and converting them into something useful for your website development.
A visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, and organized website easily catches the audience’s attention and also holds it for the longest time. 

Why User Experience (UX) Design Matters

UX Design involves a lot of research, testing, and more through surgery, questionnaires, and whatnot. The end goal is, to offer the best services to their users, and to create a website that offers seamless and optimum satisfaction to the audiences.
However, one may wonder why so much buzz around UX Design. Let’s see how and why UX Design is so important.

1. Attracts more online users

A well-designed UX easily catches users’ attention and encourages them to scroll further. It is more positive and satisfactory to the audience. Thus, better engagement and enhanced user base.

2. Drives Conversion Rates

One of the major goals of the brands/ websites is to upsell their products and services. A good UX Design can perfectly hit the pain point. With catchy layouts, click features, and an engaging setup around CTAs, you can persuade your viewers to try out your offerings. Thus, better conversion rates and enhanced business revenue.

3. Earns User’s Trust

A well-researched, user-friendly website with infographics and other catchy features is beneficial in a lot of ways. It makes it easy for visitors to put their trust in the site while also boosting the brand’s image. Further, they can make visitors a regular to your website. A visitor is more likely to discuss a catchy website among his friends, increasing brand’ visits and value.

4. Improves Productivity

A good UX Design adds value to your digital products. It makes them look unique and efficient. By optimising UX principles, UX design can give businesses an upper hand over their competitors. They also benefit the user’s productivity.

5. Improves SEO Performance

SEO performance is affected by a variety of factors like conversion rates, user engagement, frequency of visitors, and more. These are the same factors considered while designing a website.
A responsive web design improves SEO rankings. Users are more likely to find your website easily.

What Ralecon Has to Offer?

Knowing the significance of responsive UX design is not enough. Finding an expert UX designer is equally important. Worry not, because Ralecon has got you covered. We are a reputed web development company in Bangalore, with a deep understanding of user-centric design backed by our vast portfolio of works and understanding of market data.
Here’s how we can help:

  • Understanding the User

Ralecon ensures a thorough understanding of the user using different methodologies. Such understanding helps know the visitor’s needs, expectations, and preferences. This can come in handy in website development.

  • Data-driven Approach

A data-driven approach can help you access real-time data that can help design your marketing strategies. It allows you access to information to make campaigns that work.

  • Content Hierarchy and Navigation Flow

Sorting the information the right way, the way the user wants to see it is the content hierarchy. We, at Ralecon make sure to use content hierarchy in UX design to make the website catchy, informative, and user-friendly.

  • Visual Design and Branding

Ralecon experts make sure to make your website look appealing and aesthetic using images, fonts, layouts, and whatnot. You get all this, without compromising the functionality.

Ralecon, as your UX Design partner, offers the best web design services, helping you create a seamless amazing experience for your users. Partner with us, and see the wonders yourself.