Jingle Bells! White Christmas! New Year Eve! These are common things that happen every year in the month of December. Unlike other years, 2017 December seems to have more buzz in SEO forums and digital marketing field due to the one thing that is Google Maccabees update. Google rolled out its new algorithm update in the middle of December 2017 between 12th -14th of the month. Initially there is no formal or official name from the search giant for this algorithm. Later Barry Schwartz of SERoundtable named it as Maccabees update. This time Google stated that this new update is another routine effort to improve the search relevancy. Even though, in general it is said to be the update for improving relevancy, it is interesting that this update affected certain category of websites.

Let us see in detail about the new standard given for improved efficiency and how it has impacted the online presence of websites

Maccabees Update – what it is all actually?

Maccabees is introduced with a influence to improve search query relevancy in Google. This improvement could be on both on -page and off-page signals. Maccabees update is the improved or upgraded version of its previous algorithm Fred. Impact of this Google’s Algorithm is first rolled out in US followed by the other country Google pages. Websites that lack schema.org integration has been taken down from search results by Google after this Maccabees update.

Hypothesis factor about Maccabees

There is also an assumption that the Maccabees update has shown volatility in mobile sites than the desktop versions and update is more mobile friendly. But there is no such evidence or justification showing the sign of increased signal in Google’s mobile bot.

Impacts of Maccabees updates

Following are the websites types that has been seriously affected by this upgraded Google’s Algorithm.

  • The website with low values and content lacking but built with more ads and affiliates are the more being affected by this update.
  • Sites with multiple doorway pages are also badly affected by this update. For example creating locality based pages inside a same website as it is in travel websites and real estate portals
  • Websites that have followed the Keyword permutation model is most affected by this update. Especially the combination of using long tail keywords.

Example: Creating separate pages for a particular keyword inside a single website like

  • best digital marketing company in Bangalore as one page,
  • affordable digital marketing company in Bangalore as another page and
  • top 10 digital marketing company in Bangalore

Counter approaches to recover from Maccabees

  • Creating single page to target multiple keywords that are almost similar rather than creating the low quality doorway pages.
  • Creating engaging and valuable contents that is written for users and not commercial content or search engine friendly contents.
  • Using Schema.org to structure data and information available in your website to the search engines for enhanced results.

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