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Digital Marketing Debate: PPC or SEO?

In our world, brand building and promotion is the most critical aspect of marketing. The easiest of all is online brand promotion and service promotion. Among all the tools available for brand promotion, the digital promotion is the ideal way. However, the problem begins in choosing the right medium of online brand promotion.

Building website isn’t enough, we all know. But how to promote your website or the services that is offered through the website isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You need to draw a traffic to your website to let the people know that you are in the business. For that, you need your website to be ranked high on search engine page. Now, the eternal question is how do you draw traffic to your website.

What is required to get webpage traffic?

There are several methods one can opt for to attract more traffic each day and increase it regularly. Email is the most known method, but not rewarding. There are other methods, such as affiliate marketing and social media promotions. However, in the changing environment of online promotion, generating organic traffic is the most rewarding. Therefore, either you should go for the SEO promotions or you have to have PPC (paid Search engine Ads).

Benefits of SEO

  • SEO is to promote keywords related to your business and services to draw organic traffic to your website
  • This will make your website content attract more traffic and Google will eventually get your page ranking higher.
  • There is SEO Agency in Bangalore, rather several agencies that will help you out in getting SEO’s that will boast your webpage.
  • With a perfect SEO team the goal is to bring out your website appear on the first page on Google.

Benefits of PPC 

  • Pay Per Click targets keywords and this creates a series of advertisements, with every click and each click generates revenue
  • Pay Per Click are the advertisement that search engines place on your website and offers you money for bringing traffic
  • PPC Company in Bangalore allows you to promote their ads on your webpage and provides money for each hit your website brings

The outcome of this debate cannot be black and white, as it seems. However, Both PPC and SEO have their own benefits and drawbacks. Largely, it is depend on what kind of advertisement budget you have and what kind of business you are in.

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Net Neutrality Is Must for Effective Digital Marketing

We have become highly digitized world in 2017, and we are assured of going to be more digitized in coming years with the help of virtual reality experiments. Moreover, mobile Internet has made it possible for each one of us to connect with everyone on this planet. That means each one of us enjoys the benefits of Internet of the things.

We all have a privilege to use and share the same amount of information that Internet generates and transmits every second. Each one of have access to information available on the web, be it websites, entertainment, social media platforms and government websites and services.

However, in a real world, it is not that simple. Although, Internet is a new thing to many of us, flaws have been developed as it is getting more organized. These flaws have given the birth to the most talked-about subject pertaining to internet access – The Net Neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality means Internet Service Providers will not favor or disregard any information and will make all the information available to all the users without any discrimination. That means everyone has equal right over the information shared by any source.

Even if a specific website is owned by the ISP himself, the IPS will not provide greater bandwidth to access that site. Or if a specific website owner pays more to ISPs, service providers shouldn’t favor the site.

Net Neutrality importance for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is mostly based on organic traffic and SEO companies in Bangalore are striving to generate organic and relevant traffic for their client websites. The new Google search algorithm also favors the organic search terms instead of paid keywords and keyword stuffing and any good digital marketing company in Bangalore worth its salt will base its traffic generation on organic means to help boost page ranking and provide a good customer experience.

Therefore, for SEO Companies in Bangalore, it is essential that everyone have the complete access of all the web information that one wish to access and it can’t be decided by the service providers.

  • Net neutrality promotes greater competition, which at the end helps consumers
  • Net neutrality offers greater level playing field to all the players in the industry
  • Net neutrality does now allow discrimination between established businesses and newbies
  • Net neutrality ensure the cost of entering business remain low
  • Net neutrality makes sure the system remains flawless and money do not influence the access of information.

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SEO Providers Will Ensure the Right Traffic to your Website

We all know for a fact that advertising on online media is growing by leaps and bounds. People are more glued to the internet now-a-days than TV or any other print media. Print media has become virtually non-existent for the young generation of today. Mobile advertising and social media advertising has become the main source of digital advertising for businesses to grow.

So, then how do you go about with your digital advertising so that you can promote your business interests online through your website? Firstly, having your own website is just not good enough to get customers. You need to get customers to visit your website and know about your services or products.

How do you get customers to visit your websites?

The solution lies in hiring a good SEO company in Bangalore which will do the job of getting customers to visit your website. They use varied tools and techniques to promote your website so that it gets at the top in search engine ranking list. Also, they publish blogs and articles which helps in your website getting at the top of organic search results. In short, they try constantly to improve your website rankings so that it will get converted to leads and sales for your business.

What is essentially a good SEO service provider?

A good SEO agency in Bangalore will ensure that it understands the business of its client and work using good SEO tactics to get relevant customers to your websites. Though this may take longer time, but it pays off in the long run to build your business.

There are these bad SEO providers who use various tricks also known as the black hat methods to get more number of visits to your website. But all of these may not be relevant customers and it may harm your business reputation and your website may be blacklisted.

So, be cautious when selecting the right SEO Company. Because a good SEO provider is worth the money you have invested.

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The Role of Digital Media in the new age of Advertising

One needs to be very aggressive in marketing strategies if business has to prosper. And it is the age of digital marketing. Advertisements in online media have taken precedence over advertising through print media, and rightly so. The tech savvy young generation prefers mobiles to TV or newspapers. It makes sense to invest in digital media advertising to promote your business.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is to promote your business interests through digital media such as through websites, emails, blogs and articles or through social media. Hire the services of a good digital marketing company in Bangalore which will look into the digital advertising aspect to get you more customers in your business.

What are the types and means of digital marketing?

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization is various techniques and tools used like use of keywords, Meta tags, internal links etc used to improve the ranking of your website.
  • Social Media Marketing- Engage the services of a professional social media company in Bangalore which will handle the social media advertising aspect on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to build customer base and strengthen your business proposition.
  • Pay per Click (PPC) Ads or Pay Ads- By this you advertise your website on other websites or on Google by paying when the user clicks on the links directed to your website. This will help you in getting customers to your website.
  • Emails- Even though this may seem outdated, it still is a part of digital marketing and garners enough customers to your websites.
  • Content writing- This makes use of useful blogs and articles related to your products which can be published on your website giving you a chance to interact with the customers through comments.

So, a good combination of these techniques and tools will ensure that you get a steady visit of customers to your website.

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Why do you need the Services of a SEO company for your website?

With online marketing or internet marketing being the trend, if you have invested in building a website for your business, it is indeed a good move. But will that suffice? Is your work done once you design your website? How are customers going to know that your website exists?

There are many websites floating in cyberspace which sell the same services and products as you do and if they have better visibility than your website, clients are going to go to them for services. Then how are you going to make yourself relevant in the online business scenario? How are you going to promote your product when your website doesn’t figure anywhere close to top rankings in the search engine page results?

Did you know that 90% users only click onto the first ten links that comes up in the first page of the search results?

So, when you want your website to be included among atleast the top ten, how do you go about achieving this? Hiring the services of a good SEO company in Bangalore or a good SEO agency in Bangalore is perhaps the best solution there is!

What is an SEO company?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to strategies and techniques used by SEO companies to boost the search engine rankings of websites.

What does an SEO company in Bangalore do to increase your website rankings?

  • Analyses and understands what the business of its client is all about.
  • Creates content for users on the website based on keyword research.
  • Uses tools to review performances and makes corrections and upgradation wherever necessary.
  • Helps improve the web design, build appropriate internal links in pages within the website, promote blogs and sees to it that there is no scope for penalty for your website.

By hiring services of a SEO Agency in Bangalore, you ensure that your website stands a chance against competition and gains better visibility and rankings in the SERPs.