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Google Announces Ralecon the Winner of Q2 2016 Google Partners Grand Prix Contest


Ralecon IT Consulting Services,

Congratulations on your excellent performance in the Google Partners Grand Prix! The 3 months of Google Partners Gran Prix saw some very fast racing from Google Partners. After all the twists and turns, it is time to recognize the phenomenal efforts of the participants and cheer the winners.

As you are among the winners, here is your prize – Google Chromecast devices for your agency. Enjoy your prize and do share your picture with it on the Google Partners India community. Make your moment an inspiration for everyone else.

If you are still not a member of the community do join us by visiting – Google Partners India community is one stop destination to share, interact, collaborate and learn in the fast growing arena of digital marketing. Also, you can contact the support team at <1800-419-9922> for any query related to Google Partners.

Thanks you for your efforts and we look forward to seeing you again at the community soon.


Warm Regards,

Abhinav, Harry and Aseem

The Google Partners Team

Ralecon in spotlight; attends Google Partners Summit

Ralecon in spotlight; attends Google Partners Summit

Bangalore based digital marketing firm Ralecon was amongst the top ten companies from India that attended the Google Partners Summit 2016 in San Francisco, USA.

18th November, 2016:

Ralecon one of the front runners when it comes to digital marketing services and SEO based services in the country was amongst the elite list of ten companies that were chosen to attend the Google Partners Summit this year from India. The company has shown strong resilience and has grown into one of the leaders in digital marketing in the city within a very short span of time owing to its zealous team and quality of service.

About Summit 2016

The Google Partners Summit is an annual event and this year witnessed a participation of around 900+ partners from 50+ countries across the globe. Ten of these partners were from India out of which 6 were chosen from South India. The attendee firms and companies together contribute to over 9% of Google’s Ad Revenue.

Takeaways from the Summit

The Summit primarily focussed on the future of digital marketing and the main points in consideration were mobile searches and how they will rule the roost in the days to come. Emphasis was also laid on digital videos and why they are garnering a lot of attention today and how it is important for these companies to focus on this aspect in the coming decade. Searches with ‘near me’ themes were predicted to increase significantly and these were the areas to be focussed upon by companies to target their audience better.

When there is talk of the future, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can’t be left behind and this was also a key feature that was discussed at length at the Summit. Discussions about cross channel marketing and cross device marketing were also conducted and the importance of targeting the same user across multiple channels and devices was expounded upon.

Ralecon’s take on the Summit

Speaking on this momentous occasion, Mr. Sethuraman, Director and Co-Founder of the company said, “We are extremely happy to have participated in the annual Partners Summit at Google. It is indeed a proud moment for us and we believe that this will help a long way in cementing our position in the industry. At the Summit, discussions on a variety of different subjects from the future and scope of digital marketing to innovation were discussed. A lot of ideas were thrown around and interactions on various topics from work culture to market research and innovation happened. We are looking forward to work on cross channel marketing and focussing on targeting mobile based searches. We look forward to a continued association with Google for years to come.”

About Ralecon

Founded in 2012, Ralecon is a Google certified partner company and Microsoft Bing certified partner. With over 500+ clients from over 10 different countries, Ralecon is a leading digital marketing services provider and has served diverse clients from varied industries and business verticals. The company has always stayed within the top 3 ranks in Google Search Result Pages for all its business related keywords and this in itself is a testament to the company’s SEO strategies and digital marketing prowess.

With an objective to serve with complete transparency and ethical business practises, the company strictly adheres to all the best industry practises and ensures regular communication with clients even post sales and is poised to stay at the top of its given in the days to come.

How to Audit Your AdWords for Spending Less

How to Audit Your AdWords for Spending Less?

Starting your own AdWords campaign may draw lots of money out of your pocket and you should know when and what to do. Following AdWords tips and tricks help you learn the strategies for spending less and earning more success in your AdWords bids.

Tip 1

Analyze data for deciding the spending

Data analysis plays a major role in fixing the spending amount on AdWords. Spend on the data that performs well and drag the viewers to your site on the very first click. It is also good to spend the entire money on AdWords, if they make handsome profit for you.

How to Audit Your AdWords for Spending Less

One more thing you need to keep in mind is it is not just AdWords that fetch results for your site campaigns. Despite your audits on AdWords, you may not get the desired results. That case, you have to look into website, reviews, brand image and other related issues.

Tip 2

Wrong audience targeting

Wrong location, time, devices and networks will pull you towards negative results in your AdWords campaign. Take care of the demographics of your audience and decide the fundamental parameters of your AdWords campaign.

Wrong audience targeting

Tip 3

Targeting wrong keywords

Poor keywords are the reason for expensive and non performing AdWords accounts. Over inclusive keywords and non-converting keywords are the pitfalls causing loss to your AdWords campaigns. Broadly outlined keywords are not good for attracting customers who visit your site with a specific purpose.You can follow certain Pay per Click Tips to avoid the junk traffic to your site.

Also, find the negative keywords in the specific industry you are advertising for. Take suggestions from Google AdWords support and understand what keywords do not drive traffic to your site. That way, you can avoid them and improve traffic to your site.

Next, analyze your search terms reports

When you analyze your search terms reports,  you come to know what search queries lead the traffic to your page through clicking on your ad.You will also know more about the negative keyword list and try to shun them in your content .

Non converting keywords can be picked out by looking at performance data and you can understand which keywords are performing and which are not. Through exporting a keyword report, adding the data into a spreadsheet and creating a pivot table to decide the negative keywords will help you cut down your rates on ads.

Targeting wrong keywords

So, you know how to set up a Google AdWords campaign and spend less and gain more ROI for your site.

Metrics that add value to your SEO campaigns!

Metrics that add value to your SEO campaigns!

Using a single metric for SEO campaigns will not work well. Use selective SEO metrics that are useful for measuring the success of your site. Here are those metrics for you.

1. Monitoring Time on- Page

Your content should have some purpose like improving organic visibility, engaging a visitor on reading the content and inducing him to take action after reading the content. If the reader is not happy with what he reads (if it does not form the answer for his query), he is sure to leave the page at once. Compelling content to grip the attention of the user is a powerful metric for measuring SEO success.

Monitoring Time on- Page

2. Tracking site’s usabilitys

A call to action should be there to help audience stick around and stay on your pages for more time. Monitor the Pages/Session in Audience Overview in Google Analytics and it will show you the numbers   that help you improve SEO performance metrics.

Tracking site’s usabilitys

Have these ideas for improving the usability of your site

  • List the related posts at the bottom of the content
  • Give internal links that are related to the content
  • Exit- intent popup or messaging helps the audience stay for a special offer or a piece of excellent content on your site
  • Conduct usability tests on different browsers and devices and check for loading time issues

3. Monitoring traffic by device

Today, mobile traffic is more than that of desktop. Check for mobile friendliness and load speed of the site as they tend to be major ranking factors. Monitor mobile specific Analytics to avoid issues with usability. You can compare your desktop metrics and mobile metrics on Google Analytics and find out the range of mobile traffic to your site.

Monitoring traffic by device

4. Setting completions and tracking conversions

Set up your Google Analytics to track goal completions. Your goal can be anything like tracking the number of people who visited your ‘About us’ page. Go to the overview segment under ‘Goals’ in Google Analytics and create a goal there.

Setting completions and tracking conversions

5. Keeping an eye on crawl data

With effective building links and relevant inbound traffic, you can find Google crawl your website very often. In your Google Search Console, you will find ‘Crawl’, the menu item which will show you the total number of pages crawled every day.

Keeping an eye on crawl data

6. Audiitng campaign effectiveness with the number of returning visitors

As you concentrate on acquiring new visitors, you need to concentrate on the number of returning visitors also. It shows how far your content engages your readers so as to return to your pages. Click on ‘audience overview’ on Google Analytics to know the ratio of new and returning visitors to your site.

Audiitng campaign effectiveness with the number of returning visitors

SEO KPIs and metrics are to be chosen with care to make your SEO campaigns and site traffic more effective and successful.

5 Metrics to Understand Your Mobile Visitors Better!

5 Metrics to Understand Your Mobile Visitors Better!

Responsive designs with mobile optimization is a necessary factor to look into in the present days as most of the users have mobile access and the sites are also mobile friendly. Mobile Responsive sites get more ROI and you cannot ignore this fact while designing your site.

Two elements you need to harp upon while concentrating on mobile experience: Why mobile users visit your site? And what do they want from you?

Use these 5 metrics and understand your mobile visitors better for a good ROI.

1. Image scaling and its value

A desktop image may look a disturbing part on a mobile. Suppose an image that looks wonderful on a desktop may swallow up the entire screen on a mobile and it may not be an effective visual that draws good user experience. Think on How to optimize Mobile Website and work on it accordingly.

Image scaling and its value

2. Simplifying navigation

Mobile visitors expect easy navigation with a visible and easily accessible menu. Once the navigation bar is clear and quickly functional, the users get what they want without wasting time. Using mobile for clicking to their desired pages is after all to save time and get a quick user experience.

Your visitors may need to visit the ‘search bar’ instead of ‘call to action’ and the same way they may be interested to click contact page to reach unto the company at once.Analysing what your user needs on your site helps you customize your mobile experience .

Simplifying navigation

3. Remove desktop overlays and pop ups

Desktop solutions for mobile experience reduces your conversions. Desktop overlays and pop ups are not meant for mobile devices with their multifarious combinations of resolutions and screen sizes .They make navigation tough and complicated. Consider mobile technical aspects and the user behavior and do the needful. A Mobile SEO can help you optimize mobile experience on your site.

Remove desktop overlays and pop ups

4. Shortened, simplified text

Shortened text with headlines and tag lines of a minimum number of words brings a rich experience to your site. It is good to avoid long and wordy visuals as well. On a mobile, the text should not cover the entire page so as to block the vision of the user. He may not be able to read and note the important symbols like call to action button and your conversion rates will surely go down.

Shortened, simplified text

5. Clear call to action buttons

Your call to action buttons should reflect the intent of your site and thus should pull your viewers to the purpose of the site at the very outset. Redefine these buttons and make sure they work well in your favor.

Clear call to action buttons

So, optimizing mobile experience based on these metrics is a good job to start with and hope you will follow it up for better results in future.