Top & Best SEO Services Company/Agency in Bangalore, India

Top & Best SEO Services Company/Agency in Bangalore, India

Searching for competent and professional SEO services? You’ve landed at the best place!

Ralecon is the best SEO Company in Bangalore > and we offer just the kind of SEO services that are the right fit for your business!

Why is SEO important for your business?

A mere presence on the internet is no longer enough to attract customers. Marketing online is as important as offline and for a potential customer to actually find your website when he is searching online for anything related to your business is crucial. This is because only when he/she finds your website listed while searching is he/she going to visit it and then purchase or avail your product/service!

Did you know that on an average more than 50% of the consumers spend 75% of their time (spent on product research and purchase) researching the product online?

Whether your business is local or global, having an online presence and good visibility is the key to reaching out to potential target audiences. Being one of the top SEO Company in Bangalore, we ensure that you generate a lot of click through traffic to your website, cement your position on search engine result pages and get organic search results with reduced bounce rates and increase your conversion ratio. SEO not only results in improved sales for your business but also results in reduced marketing budget as well.

Why choose Ralecon for your SEO?

We are known for our premium quality SEO services in Bangalore and we have managed to cement our position at the top with our dedication, quality and commitment. Our strong ties with our clients and our repeat business stands testament to our quality of service.

  • With more than 500 happy clients from various business verticals till date, we have a solid client base relying on us for their SEO services in Bangalore.
  • We understand your business model and study your business to understand how it functions and only then get down to brass tacks! Our approach has helped us optimize websites better and we pick and choose only relevant keywords that are business driven and optimize them for your website. These ensure quality leads, better rankings and guaranteed leads.
  • Till date, as the leading SEO agency in Bangalore, we have ranked more than 10k keywords in the first page of Google Search Engine Result Pages.
  • We believe in value additions and building relationships with our clients and this is why we often check user experience aspects in your website and present our ideas for improving the overall look and feel of your website. After all, user experience is a key aspect that matters once the user visits your website and we ensure that your website is optimized for the same and provides the end user with a smooth and comfortable user experience.

We are a Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Certified Partner Company! This simply means that we are completely conversant with all the search engine algorithms and we apply only the best practises in the industry to deliver results. We are after all, the best SEO Company in Bangalore!

  • We stay updated on all the latest Google Algorithms and stick to them strictly. We also adhere to their guidelines uncompromisingly and ensure that your website is optimized properly. Our team is extremely proficient and highly adaptable; we possess a great deal of flexibility and stay in touch with the latest Google algorithm trends.
  • Being the top SEO agency in Bangalore, we have earned our spot by employing only white hat SEO techniques. We have a strict policy against using black hat techniques for our clients.
  • We believe in communication being the key to establish a healthy working relationship and we indulge in it by sending regular reports that focus on keyword ranking. We send weekly and monthly reports that highlight the improvements ever since we’ve taken up work and communicate results with metrics that are easy to understand.

Ralecon has a repeat business of about 80% and we have extremely high client retention rates in the business. This is possible not only because of our stellar work; it is also because we provide 24*7 customer support after sales. We are available over phone, mails and also for direct meetings (If you wish to schedule them) and ensure that we address your queries and problems without delay. This is the main reason behind our success and why we are the go-to company for SEO services in Bangalore. Read on to learn more about what our SEO Process is all about.

Our SEO Process

Understanding your business model

Understanding your business – the way it works, the industry you are in and your processes are fundamental to this process. We believe that in order for us to optimize your website, we should have a thorough understanding of what your business is all about. We go through your existing website and interact with you to understand what you do and only then get down to optimizing your website.

Keywords Research

Keywords are the most important factors to be considered while performing SEO and we harvest all relevant keywords for your business and we conduct extensive discussions to finalize the keywords to be focussed upon and then work on optimizing your website. We have earned our name as the top SEO company in Bangalore owing to our open discussions and involving clients in all the essential discussions to ensure that we are always on the same page.

Technical Optimization

We work on optimizing your website to ensure that it is web search engine friendly. Typically, web crawlers visit your website only when it friendly and we make sure that your website is search engine friendly so that all the crawlers visit your website.

On Page Optimization

Ensuring that your website has content that is relevant to the user’s search queries is called on page optimization and we place a lot of emphasis on this. Getting the user to visit the website is only half the work done and getting them to stay on the website is the other half of the battle. We place equal emphasis on both as well as the user experience.

SEO & User Friendly Content Creation

In our experience providing SEO services in Bangalore for various companies from diverse verticals, we have seen that all the inner pages of the website need to be user friendly. They have relevant and succinct information and also are search engine friendly. Having a page loaded with keywords or having content organized in a haphazard manner isn’t going to work in your favour. We structure pages such that each page has specific information about some aspect of your business and the content is user friendly as well.

Working on the responsiveness of your website

It is no longer enough that your website works properly on a personal computer or a laptop. Ensuring that users get a good experience while viewing it from the mobile or tablet or any other device for that manner is important. We also check for the responsiveness of your website to ensure that mobile traffic is also improved. Such value additions make us the leading SEO agency in Bangalore.

Loading time of your website is crucial to a better user experience

The importance of user experience can’t simply be emphasised enough! Loading time plays an important role in determining the user experience. Loading time needs to be optimized to ensure that crawlers get prompt responses. This will impact the ranking on SERP and this is why we focus on this aspect as well.

Off Page Optimization

Building relevant and high quality back links is very important to boost rankings. The better your back link quality, the resultant rankings are better. Back links are simply links to your website that are present in other websites and off page optimization is one of our speciality areas.

User Experience Analysis

Once we are done with all the technical optimizations, we focus on the user experience aspects which determine how enjoyable or easy it is for a user to navigate through the website and find what he/she is looking for. We work on identifying problem areas and coming up with designs and strategies to enhance the functional aspects and thus contribute to increase in leads/sales.

Monitoring and Defining Strategies

We always maintain a close watch on your keywords, how they are ranked and define strategies to achieve better results. Our constant monitoring has helped many of our clients stay on top of SERPs and maintains constant rankings and even improves rankings.

We have helped many a client transform their website and end up on top of search engine results and this has resulted in dramatic improvements in sales and visibility amongst target audience. Get in touch with us for premium quality SEO services in Bangalore that are also cost effective and tailor made for your organization/business’ needs.

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COO, Okapia Mobiles

“We are extremely happy with how Ralecon helped us in increasing our digital presence. Their team is dedicated and worked in tandem with ours to understand our requirements and our target audience. Great job all together!"

Anton Sharwanand

Marketing Director, UK B-School

"If I have to say about Ralecon’s services in just three words "Worth Every Penny". What makes Ralecon so special is the way they understand your business and requirements. Ralecon delivered what they promised which significantly improved our business."

Senthil Kumaran

CEO, an EdTech company

“Ralecon helped us with lead generation and branding online. We had an increase of about 50% in the conversion rates from potential leads to customers within just 3 months. The company’s innovative ideas and quality work has helped us improve our customer base and reach out to our target audience effectively. Quality work @ Competitive rates!"